Monday, 4 March 2013

A welcome post

I want to welcome myself to the blogging world! I never thought that my love for baking will come up to this point. After giving birth to my first baby, I find I have no time to bake.  Only now that he is already a year old that I can find sometime to sneak into the kitchen in an hour or so to do my own personal thing...yes! that is how Baking is to me.  It is my stress reliever, something that satisfies me and boost up my energy.  It is definitely my Pilates.

Actually, this is not something planned.  I was just browsing for recipes when I learned that there are so many baking bloggers sharing their skills.  Thanks to all those wonderful bakers. I did not just found some new recipes but a new hobby as well.

Happy baking and blogging!😋

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